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4K Slim Bezel Interactive Touch Displays (55”, 65", 75" & 86")

  • Collaboration is now king as you wirelessly mirror from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC direct to the touch screen.
  • The bezels are so thin that the display area occupies more than 91% of the overall screen size.
  • The 4K Ultra HD display delivers incredible image quality with four times resolution higher than Full HD.
  • Files can now be shared back and forth from the screen to your device with ease as your meetings take place.
  • Your interactive whiteboard allows you to annotate, draw and create meeting magic with the complimentary ‘MeetingPad’ Software included.
  • The integrated Android PC means no external PC is required at all.
  • Optional OPS PC helps to integrate into existing Windows networks.
  • Easy access ports and controls on the front of the screen allow you to easily connect your laptop to the screen.
  • The anti-glare etched glass diffuses direct sunlight meaning images and videos are much clearer.
  • 10 touch points mean multiple people can use the screen at any one time.

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