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22” Hand Sanitiser Network Android Advertising Display

  • In areas where hygiene is key, and hand washing facilities are not available, these displays are ideal. They combine a hand sanitising station with a versatile Digital Signage solution.
  • These displays come with a network upgrade and 1 year free subscription as standard so can be updated from our online CMS portal.
  • This solution features a full metal enclosure making it perfect for any commercial or public environment.
  • The display can be wall mounted as standard or mounted onto a stylish floor stand, for easy portability.
  • The fully automated design removes the need to touch the dispenser, simply place your hand under the dispenser and a single or double dose of sanitiser will be dispensed.
  • Most standard hand sanitiser stations have a capacity below one litre; this is because it reduces the risk of evaporation caused by larger tanks. This is important because as the sanitiser evaporates the alcohol content reduces – decreasing the effectiveness of the sanitiser.

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